Implementation level
Type Status
CML extraction template image0
HTML5 representation image1
Template attributes
Attribute Value
source Orca log
id thermochemistry
name Thermochemistry section
pattern \s*-+s $s*THERMOCHEMISTRY.*$s-+s*
endPattern \s*$s*
endPattern2 \s*freq.*$s*
endOffset 1
repeat *
xml:base job/thermochemistry.xml



Temperature         ... 298.15 K
Pressure            ... 1.00 atm
Total Mass          ... 248.32 AMU

Throughout the following assumptions are being made:
  (1) The electronic state is orbitally nondegenerate
  (2) There are no thermally accessible electronically excited states
  (3) Hindered rotations indicated by low frequency modes) are not
      treated as such but are treated as vibrations and this may
      case some error
  (4) All equations used are the standard statistical mechanics
      equations for an ideal gas
  (5) All vibrations are strinctly harmonic

Output text.

<comment class="example.output" id="thermochemistry">
      <module cmlx:templateRef="thermochemistry">
         <scalar dataType="xsd:double" dictRef="cc:temp" units="si:k">298.15</scalar>
         <scalar dataType="xsd:double" dictRef="cc:press" units="nonsi:atm">1.00</scalar>
         <scalar dataType="xsd:double" dictRef="cc:totalmass">248.32</scalar>

Template definition.

<record repeat="4" />
<transform process="addUnits" xpath=".//cml:scalar[@dictRef='cc:temp']" value="si:k" />
<transform process="addUnits" xpath=".//cml:scalar[@dictRef='cc:press']" value="nonsi:atm" />
<transform process="addUnits" xpath=".//cml:scalar[@dictRef='cc:mass']" value="nonsi:dalton" />
<transform process="move" xpath=".//cml:scalar" to="." />
<transform process="delete" xpath=".//cml:list" />