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                                  R I C C 2 - PROGRAM

                          the quantum chemistry groups
                             at the universities in
                           Karlsruhe, Bochum > Mainz

   ****  ricc2 : all done  ****


                               this is S T A T P T

                     hessian and coordinate update for
                          stationary point search

                     by barbara unterreiner, marek sierka,
                           and reinhart ahlrichs

                          quantum chemistry group
                          universitaet  karlsruhe

   ****  statpt : all done  ****


                               r d g r a d

                        gradient for ridft program

                      by K.Eichkorn, O.Treutler, H.Oehm,
                           M.Haeser and R.Ahlrichs
                (Chemical Physics Letters 242 (1995) 652-660)
                  parallel version: M.v.Arnim  &  R.Ahlrichs
                          quantum chemistry group
                           university  karlsruhe

****  rdgrad : all done  ****

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