A ‘User Email is required’ error page appears after login

This error appears normally during the first login just after installing the ioChem-BD software.


In this case, the user gets the following error message:

User Email is required
Your SSO system is not configured properly to release user email info


The error is due to a misconfiguration in the machine that runs ioChem-BD software. In this case, the Central Authentication Service (CAS) can’t find its own domain because it’s not defined in /etc/hosts file. This results in missing user profile information right after authentication.

Steps to fix it

The sysadmin of the server running ioChem-BD software must append a line inside /etc/hosts file.

This line must set loopback IP of the machine ( to the host.hostname parameter defined during installation.

As an example, if ioChem-BD is running on test.iochem-bd.org, the line to add inside /etc/hosts should be the following test.iochem-bd.org

After editing this file, the error will disappear just by reloading the login page or log in again.