Final checks

Finally, system administrator must check the following communication channels in order for
ioChem-BD platform to properly operate:
- When using the shell client, check that the defined port where the ioChem-BD runs is accesible from that machine.
- Check calculation publication workflow works from Create to Browse.
- Check Browse email notification parameters are valid by sending test emails from Edit eperson page.

It is up to the sysadmin to configure the network interfaces, firewall services, proxies and other routing mechanisms to allow proper communications.

Optional tasks

In order to improve site content indexing by web robots and search engines, you can crontab the generation of the Browse module sitemap with the following command.

iochembd$ crontab -e
#Append the following line being *BASEPATH* the platform installation folder

00 00 * * *  BASEPATH/browse/bin/dspace generate-sitemaps

This last step conclude the ioChem-BD system installation and configuration.


Let us recap all steps taken to arrive to this point:

  1. Gather important system configuration parameters.

  2. Create database and start software installation.

  3. Start webserver and login as administrator.

  4. Generate users and groups from Browse module.

  5. Create communities and subcommunities where users will be able to publish their digital assets.

  6. Setup backup script and test platform network connectivity.