System requirements

These are the recommended system requirements to run ioChem-BD software on a local machine.

Hardware requirements

  • A multicore CPU (1 GHz or better) is advised to allow multiuser interaction without bottlenecks or delays in calculation data extraction and manipulation.
  • 4 Gb RAM (8 Gb recommended)
  • At least +20 Gb of free disk space (ioChem-BD installation takes 1.2Gb of disk space, so the remaining Gb are reserved for storing uploaded calculations).

Software requirements

  • Linux OS 2.6.24 or greater (64 bit)(Tested on Centos / Fedora / Debian)
  • Java JDK 8 (greater versions are not supported)
  • PostgreSQL 9.1+ database server
  • gcc package, used to compile INCHI libraries ( yum install gcc / apt-get install gcc),